Thorney Parish Council

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Responsibilities of Thorney Parish Councillors

1. Burial and Employment - Councillors Brooks and Potts

2. Allotments – Councillors and Wood

3. Planning - Councillors Bevington, Halfhide, Simons

4. Countryside - Councillors Long

5. Street lighting - Councillor Bartlett

6. Pode Hole Liaison - Councillor Bartlett, Brooks

7. Finance – Councillors Bevington

8. Thorney Park – Councillor Bevington, Wood

9. Complaints – Councillors Long and the Chairman

10. Health and Safety/Risk Assessment – Councillors Brooks, Wood

11. Peterborough City Council committees – Parish Liaison – Councillors Brooks, Bartlett, Bevington, Simons.

12. Planning committee full meetings– Councillor Bevington as Chair with all members

13. Wryde Croft wind farm – Councillors Long and Brooks

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