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Police Information

PCSO for Thorney -
PCSO Mary Webber will patrol Thorney and Newborough Villages.

Telephone number 07921938062
email: mary.webber@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Doorstep Crime
Police in Peterborough are advising residents about opportunities for doorstep crime following reports of two middle aged white males cold calling in Tintern Rise, Little Close and Woad Court in Eye.  They were purporting to be advising on digital aerials, but one male was seen to be wandering around back of properties whilst one male engaged in conversation with the resident.

Carol Aston, Community Safety Officer is advising residents that the switchover to digital TV
process may generate opportunities for doorstep crime.  This can include bogus workmen, unsolicited sales calls, mis-selling as well as distraction burglary methods such as 'I need to tune your television' or 'your aerial won't work'.

Please be aware that before opening the door to any stranger, stop. If the door has a chain, use it, and ask to see a form of identification. Have the visitor hand their identification through the door or letter box, and call the company to confirm that the visit is legitimate and the identification is not a fake.  A genuine company employee will happily wait while the necessary checks are made. If unsure, don’t open the door!

If  the  visitor  claims to have left the identification card at home or in their  vehicle turn them away. If he or she becomes aggressive at any time, keep them outside your door and immediately call 999. You should report any suspicious behaviour to the Police on 0845 456 456 4.

Thank you

Carol Aston
Community Safety Unit
Northern Division
Cambridgeshire Police

Tel 0845 456 456 4 ext 4417
Mobile 07736 342333
Mobex 7110192
Email  carol.aston@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Register your property at www.immobilise.com

If you would like to join the SmartWater initiative and buy a kit to protect your home, contact the Community Safety Unit at Bridge Street Police Station on 01733 424434 for more details.

What is SmartWater?
What does SmartWater do?
How does SmartWater work?
Here are some facts which may be able to answer your questions and reveal the benefits of using SmartWater.
  1. SmartWater is a liquid which is similar to DNA in that it is completely unique. Each SmartWater solution contains a different chemical composition to another SmartWater liquid. Also! floating within the unique liquid are minute metal plates with an individual number stamped on them. Therefore each SmartWater liquid is totally different to another, making it easy to tell them apart.
  2. Once dry, SmartWater is invisible to the naked eye, but can he revealed using UV lighting. Unlike some property marking systems, SmartWater will not come off through use or wet weather and will not damage items, even delicate ones.
  3. SmartWater can be used to mark items of property, such as mobile phones, TV’s, and laptops. It can also be used on items as small as jewellery, as well as ceramics.
  4. Thieves thrive on the fact that most property is not identifiable. Property stolen during a burglary is often found in the possession of a criminal, yet many of them are released without charge because the property cannot be identified as stolen,
  5. Around 400 premises in Peterborough are already protected by SmartWater with many more joining every day.
  6. Areas throughout the UK that have received SmartWater have en burglaries, with some levels being decreased by 80%
  7. All items of property that are found by the Police are examined for traces of SmartWater using UV Lights. Items that are found to have SmartWater on are then easily returned to its rightful owner.
  8. Every person who is arrested in Peterborough will also be examined for SmartWater. There is a SmartWater room located within the custody suite where people are checked using UV lights.
  9. Every SmartWater kit comes with enough liquid to mark over 100 items, along with window stickers to advertise that you are protected. The liquid can also be used to mark items outside your home, such as garden tools and vehicle parts.
Downloadable documents (PDF)
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